Investment Management

About Core Asset Management

  Core focuses on long-term secular themes for investment of our client portfolios, and, at the same time, tactically manages these portfolios in response to changes in economic, business and credit cycles. We believe that the long secular cycle, which can last a generation or more, provides an investor with the best opportunity for long-term capital appreciation. We devote our primary attention and research to this long-term view. We deliver proprietary investment solutions through global asset allocation and we emphasize absolute returns and conservation of capital.
  Core Asset Management was founded in 1978 to provide fee-based investment management services to individual and corporate clients, and has a long history of specialized investment research and individual portfolio management. In 1986, Jack Mayberry became the principal shareholder and chairman of Core. In 1996, Core acquired Lieberman Associates, a San Francisco Bay Area financial planning and asset management company. Core Asset Management is registered with the State of California as an Investment Adviser.
  Core offers sophisticated portfolio management for separately-managed accounts. We develop our client's portfolios in consultation with them in a manner that reflects a client's individual considerations for risk and investment returns. We invest our client's assets across a broad and global range of investment assets. Our approach is to develop ideas and investment themes and find the best investments globally to implement these ideas.