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Core Asset Management Company

Core Asset Management Company is a Sausalito-based investment management firm specializing in separately managed accounts for individuals. Jack Mayberry, the firm's principal, has more than 40 years experience in the field, first as lawyer in New York involved with securities law matters, then for more than 30 years as the head of Core.

Core provides portfolio management for individuals and families and their related trusts, retirement plans, foundations, and offices. Core's investment approach is grounded in long-term global economic, political, and investment analysis. Core has developed proprietary investment techniques applied to a global perspective and manages four types of research-driven portfolios adapted to the differing risk and return requirements of its clients.

Core manages a broad range of portfolios, from those suitable for the most conservative, income-oriented investors, to those appropriate for investors building capital for long-term appreciation. These portfolios are described within the "Investment Strategy" section of this website.

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